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Who we are
We are a small family company that started renting apartments for short-term stays in 2003. Fernando is from Barcelona, Spain. He is currently remodeling more apartments and also runs the website. Lauren is from Dallas, TX. She takes care of reservations. Rebecca, Lauren's sister, currently handles reservations and email as well. Elif and her husband Marco take care of the apartments and your stays in Istanbul. Amet takes care of the apartments in Kiev.

Reservation procedure
    The reservation procedure is:
  1. Check the availability of the unit you want to rent. We keep the availability calendars up-to-date, or you can fill in the green 'check availability' bar on top of our webpage. Or, if you prefer, email us, or fill the form.
  2. Check the price of the unit you want to rent. Use email, or the form on the main page to confirm the prices.
  3. When you know availability and pricing, and in order to book, we ask for a 25% of the total as a reservation deposit. You can pay through, which accepts credit cards, or by other means, such as bank transfer or Western Union. If you are not paying with paypal (which notifies us instantly of payments made), we ask that you notify us when you make the payment and reservation, so we can take the apartment off the market for your dates. You will as well need to ask us for the bank transfer information
  4. We will be sending you receipt of payment and arrival instructions at this point.
  5. When you know at what time of the day you will be arriving at the apartment or at the airport, please let us know. We will be meeting you at the apartment with your keys, or we will provide you with self-check-in instructions.
Cancellation policy
For short term reservations of a two bedroom apartment we will return your 25% deposit minus 50 EUR for cancellations up to 4 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date. We keep the reservation amount if less than 4 weeks.
During the high season, and only for apartments of 3 or more bedrooms or stays of over two weeks, there will be an increased cancellation period of 8 weeks and a cancellation fee of 150 EUR.
You can also ask us to keep your whole reservation deposit to apply to a future stay.
Question: Where can we PARK a car and for how much?
A: We do not recommend renting a car to see the city, because the distances are usually very short and having a car is more of a hassle than it's worth. If you would like to take a day trip you can rent it for a day or two and keep it in a parking close to the apartment. In Barcelona, they charge about 33 EUR per day in a guarded and covered parking garage very close to the apartments. For 3 or more days they have a special rate for us of 23 EUR/day.

Question: How do we get to the apartment from the airport in Barcelona?
A: For Barcelona, the fastest and easiest way to get to the apartment from the airport is to take a taxi. It costs about 35 to 40 EUR and only takes about 30 minutes. They are metered and you just need to follow the signs to the taxi line.
  • We do not arrange for airport-to-city transfers in Barcelona. It can be done, but it is more cost-effective to take two taxis for 3 people than one van for six. Also, the taxi drivers will have no problem finding the address for the apartments.
  • We can arrange for a taxi to take you back to the airport, although it is a bit cheaper and almost equally convenient to stop one on the street. They run at all times on the bus/taxi lane right in front of the apartments. Flag one by raising you arm if you see that it has the green light on.
  • For Valencia Street Apartments: You could also take the Aerobus from the airport to Plaza Catalunya (which costs about 5.30 EUR per person), then walk one block to Plaza Urquinaona and take the yellow subway line 3 stops to Verdaguer. Exit the subway and walk across the Diagona Av. to Valencia St., the first street after it, and the apartment building is number 366. This will probably take a little over an hour.
  • For Valencia Street Apartments: If you take the train from the airport, it will take you to Sants Estaciˇ, and from there just take the blue subway line 4 stops to Verdaguer. Use the 'Bailen' exit when you leave the subway, walk down Bailen, cross the Diagonal, and Valencia is the first street after it. Cross Valencia, and walk toward Passeig St. Joan. The building (366) will be on your right. This could take an hour and a half or more, because the train only leaves every thirty minutes.

  • Question: How do we get to the apartment from the airport in Istanbul?
    A: For Istanbul, you can take the metro from the Ataturk airport to Zeytinburnu and the switch to the tramway, and take it to the Sultanahmet tram station.
  • If you are landing at Sabiha airport instead, you can take the Havas bus to Taksim square and there take the funicular to Kabatas, and then the tramway to Sultanahmet.
  • Taxis in Istanbul are metered, but most of the time the drivers will not be able to take you to the address that you provide without extra indications from you or perhaps a map.
  • We can also arrange a transfer for you for 35EUR, one-way from Ataturk airport for up to 7 people, or for 55EUR from Sabiha G÷kšen airport.

  • Question: How do we get to the apartment from the airport in KIEV?
    A: For Kiev, you can take the Skybus from in front of the domestic terminal (B). You can walk from the international terminal (F) to the domestic terminal in 5 minutes. This bus will take you to Xarkivska metro station for 20 hryvna or to the main train station for 25 hryvna. You will be charged the ticket amount once you are inside the bus just before it departs. From Xarkivska metro station you can take the metro to Zoloti Vorota, then walk to the apartment. The charge for the metro is just 2 hryvna per person.
  • For the way back, you can take the metro to Xarkivska station and there take a taxi or a private car back to the airport. Some citizens offer rides in their private cars, either just for you or shared. The price can be from 40 hryvna if shared to 120 hryvna or so if just for you.
  • You can take a taxi from the airport for perhaps 200-250 Hryvna. The drivers are waiting by the terminal entrance and will offer you a taxi. You need to agree on the price before you follow the taxi driver to his car - taxis are not metered. The taxi drivers will have no problem finding the apartments in Kiev.
  • We can also arrange a transfer for you for 30EUR, one-way.

  • Question: Do the apartments have a TELEPHONE?
    A: In Barcelona, there are no fixed phones at the apartments, but we can provide you with a cellphone that allows for prepaid calls, please ask for details and request in advance. Or you can call from one of the 'locutorios', stores that specialize in selling long-distance calls. Or you can rent a cellphone from other sources, or purchase your own. We have phones with free local calls in Istanbul and Kiev.

    Question: Do the apartments have a fully equipped KITCHEN?
    A: All of our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, with refrigerator, oven (except some apartments in Istanbul don't have an oven), usually 4 gas or electric burners, dishware, silverware and cookware, microwave oven and of course sink. We provide all of the essentials.

    Question: Do the apartments have CABLE or SATELLITE TV?
    A: Apartments in the Paseo building have CNN, and three BBC channels. Apartments Terrace1 and Terrace2 have satellite TV with some news channels in English (BBC, CNN ...) Otherwise we do have just the local channels, although many of them provide also the original language of the programming, which is oftentimes English. All apartments have DVD players, plus a few DVDs. Apartments in Istanbul have satellite TV. Apartments in Kiev have cable TV.

    Question: Do the apartments have a DRYER?
    A: All apartments in Barcelona have either washer and dryer or a combination washer/dryer machine, except for TopFloor which only has a washing machine and cloth hanging rack. All apartments in Istanbul have a combination washer/dryer machine. Apartments in Kiev currently have only washing machines.

    Question: Can the apartments be seen in advance?
    A: The apartments of course can be seen in advance, as long as the one you want to see is not booked for the dates when you would like to see it.

    Question: Do you have a reduced rate for LONG STAYS?
    A: We do offer reduced prices for long stays. The prices will depend on when you want the apartment and for how long. For instance: 10 or 12% off for 7 nights, 20% off for 14 nights, 25 to 30% off for 1 month. Please consult.

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